Saturday, November 21, 2009

Zhu Zhu for you?

Who's hiding these things?  What makes every kid want one? Where are the weary parents going to find them? When will these be in the stores?  Why? Why?

According to an article today in the NY Times the Zhu Zhu Pets are the season's hottest toy?  Really?  I'm glad to see that the Times is right up to speed with that.  I have never, ever seen one of the rodents on  a store shelf.  I can tell you this, they advertise the beans out of them on TV.  My kid has been asking for one since the Summer.  I'm tired of the ads playing for something that "real" parents can't get.  Unless your willing to buy it from a fleabay seller for a 500% markup.

I really think that parents are going crazy for these, since they don't want yet one other thing to feed, wash and change.  How many other Mom's were immediately asked for a hamster after their darlings saw G-Force this summer?

At this rate, I think the pet stores are going to be selling a boat load of live hamsters this year.  Me?  Um, no.  I'll take the one with the on/off switch.  ;)